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Interview with The Nextmen

The Nextmen – Hip Hop and Electronica Sample Pack (Loopmasters)

nextmen - hip hop producersFrom the 10 Loopmasters sample libraries I’ve won earlier on this year, my favorite one is The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica.

The Nextmen are a duo composed of Brad Baloo and Dom Search, from Cambridge (UK).
I did not know about them. I am not sure how well they are known in North America but they seem to be pretty well known in the UK and Europe. They have released several albums and they are performing as DJs as well. Their style is a mix of HipHop, Electronica, Reggae, Funk and Club music, and once you will hear their stuff, I am sure you will become a fan like me.

The Nextmen Library Content

Their Hip Hop and Electronica collection is pretty varied, and I personally find the drum loops amazing.
Here is what’s included:

  • 120 Instrument Sounds
  • 120 Single Drum Samples
  • 65 Drum Loops
  • 65 Music Loops
  • 46 Bass Sounds
  • 35 Basslines
  • 20 FX
  • 14 Scratches
  • 12 Bass Pads

This library is available in many formats (Wav, Acid, Rex2, Reason Refill, GarageBand, …) as a download or as a DVD. It has a 5 stars rating with Loopmasters customers, and it received 10/10 from ComputerMusic magazine.

The Nextmen Free Samples And Demos

You want to try out a few samples?
Download those free samples from The Nextmen Sample Pack
(these free samples are for personal use only – you need to buy the library to use the samples commercially)

Listen to the official demo ….

Official Nextmen Hip Hop & Electronica Demo / Loopmasters (mp3)

And a little demo of mine …

My Nextmen Hip Hop & Electronica Demo – with Mixcraft (mp3)

Here is what Dom search has to say about their sample pack:

“We’ve put together a large selection of original loops, hits and phrases for you in this collection, all made The Nextmen way; that is to say with a whole load of lo-fi attitude, stellar processing and in-your-face mixing. Every element of this selection was created with one eye on the clubs. We’ve used vintage guitars, dirty old synths, mos-fet compressors, mellow EQs and a good few studio secrets to bring you ready-to-use parts that should slot nicely into your own productions. We’ve covered both retro and contemporary drum loops and hits, buzzing basslines made from layers of contrasting sounds,  party-vibe lead lines and vocals, all spread over a nice range of useful tempos. We hope you enjoy using these parts as much as we did making them…”

So check out the details for The Nextmen HipHop & Electronica at Loopmasters.com. They also have a few Nextmen videos embedded on their page, worth to watch.

And finally check out  this video, The Lion’s Den by The Nextmen featuring Ms Dynamite and Andy Cato …

… And don’t tell me you don’t like this beat! (great video too)