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Dub Turbo Beat Maker

I did a review on Sonic Producer a while back, feeling that it could be an easy way for complete newbies to start making their own beats. Well there is now a new “Beat Maker software” out on the Internet, and it’s called DubTurbo.

I bought it last week. Same price as Sonic Producer ($29.95) but it looks a lot better. I just toyed a bit with it. I will do a more in depth review later, but for today I will give you my first impressions and a quick Dub Turbo vs Sonic Producer comparison.

Online vs Download

Both are obviously targeted to the Rap and Hip Hop crowd, but Dub Turbo seems to be suited also for other electronic genres too. Sonic Producer is an online software, so no download, you have to login every time you want to use it. DubTurbo is an application that you have to download and install on your machine. The download took a while, but the installation was easy following the instructions.

Now the DubTurbo team warns you that you should adjust your computer for digital audio and you should. The program requires quite a lot of computer power because it is using (and loading) .wav files for all the samples.

The Sounds

And I must say that the samples library is impressive. More drum and percussions sounds that you will need, but also synths and special effects. The DubTurbo samples sound better (.wav vs .mp3) and the way you access them and choose them in the app is a lot easier than with Sonic Producer.

The Interface

It is the same idea of 16 tracks for both softwares but you can add more measure with DubTurbo where it is fixed in SonicProducer. DubTurbo allows you also to load your own samples, not Sonic Producer. The pads and the standard grid is used in both to program your patterns but DubTurbo gives you also a real Piano Roll.

Where Sonic Producer took me only 5 minutes to figure out to be able to create a beat, Dub Turbo requires a bit more of effort to learn how to use it. You have to watch the videos. But it’s normal, DubTurbo offers a lot more than Sonic Producer.

Try It

I will get back with a more in depth review soon. Give Dub Turbo a try, you have a 60-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee anyway, and make your own beats.

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