Looking back

My initial goal when I started this site last year was to provide people like myself making music at home with tips, resources, reviews of gear and software, etc … with of course a focus on beats.

Well, … looking back almost a year later, I find my site not that useful, and pretty dull to be honest.
And why is it so?

I think it is because I just tried to list al the machines and softwares that people could use to make music and beats. But since I did not used most of them, I could not give a personal review or appreciation. I simply gave the sales pitch from the manufacturer, the price and links to buy the items online.

And that’s not what people want when they search the internet. They want real advice, real experience. Personal stuff. And I was not providing that up until now.

But this is going to change.

Changing Direction

So now it is going much more personal, really about how I want to make music, my new approach.

I have been making music for 30 years (I am 41). I went through various music styles, from a 4-piece band to using machines alone at home. It is amazing how technology has changed everything for music production over the years.

I have accumulated a lot of gear along the way but now, I have decided to keep it simple, to the minimum. No more expensive machines, audio and midi cables all over the place, and countless hours spent setting things up instead of creating music.

My computer, recording software, (free) plugins, and essential hardware. That’s it!

So in the next few months I will concentrate on a few products and go in depth. Keeping it plain and simple, … and cheap.